Fearlessly Creating in Northern Indiana

Do you have a spinning event that you attend year after year? I joyfully visit many fiber arts gatherings large and small, near and far—I go to conferences, festivals, and guild meetings around the country. But there is always something special about returning to the same event with the same people as time marches forward.

I just got back from a spinning retreat that I have attended for a decade. It’s a happy group of spinners and fiber artists from a wide variety of communities and backgrounds that gathers just for the pleasure of being together in the mid-winter. The retreat was started by Peggy Coffey, who wrote Spin-Off’s Spinner’s Connection column for fifteen years, at the Center at Donaldson in Northern Indiana, not far south of Chicago.

MoonTree Studios in Donaldson, Indiana. Photo: Kate Larson.

MoonTree Studios in Donaldson, Indiana. Photo: Kate Larson.

The Center is also connected with MoonTree Studios, an educational organization that “challenges people to experience mindfulness as they fearlessly explore the interconnectedness of art, nature, and the Spirit within.” MoonTree’s gallery, workshop spaces, and living spaces are located in LEED certified facilities surrounded by restored prairie. Just recently Peggy was named a MoonTree Studios Artist in Residence. Congratulations, Peggy! Visit MoonTree’s website to learn more about her 2016 fiber arts experiences.

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