Our Favorite Handspun of the Summer

As summer comes to a close, we are here to help you reminisce on the good times you had instead of mourning those warm, wonderful months. Our coping mechanism? To brag about our summer handspun, of course. Reflect with us on our favorite creations of the summer and get excited to start some cozy fall projects.

I asked three of the Interweave office’s most dedicated spinners to share their favorite handspun they made this summer, and I was not let down! Take a look at these wonderful creations, and remember, it’s not goodbye to summer; it’s just see you later.

Deb Gerish, Editor of Love of Knitting


Deb’s yarn makes her hungry for cupcakes!

This is hand-dyed milk fiber from Greenwood Fiberworks in the colorway Cupcake. (Its sister skein in the colorway Rivendell is currently being knitted into a sweater.) Deb made this yarn during Tour de Fleece in July on her e-spinner. The slick fiber drafted like a dream, and she said the colors made her hungry every time she picked it up! She only bought 2 ounces, so she’s looking for the perfect project to show it off. The bright, sweet colors of Deb’s yarn bring back memories of all those summer days spent basking in the sun.

Elizabeth Prose, Assistant Editor of Spin Off and PieceWork


Elizabeth’s yarn started out as a problem child but eventually became a favorite child.

This fiber is from Enchanted Knoll Farm in the Sari colorway. Although a beautiful fiber, it became a problem child stuck in time-out. Last year, Elizabeth spun one bobbin Z and the other bobbin S while she was in the process of moving to another city. This summer, during Tour de Fleece in July, she had to re-spin the S singles Z. Despite her mishap, her yarn turned out lovely, and it reminds me of those cooler summer nights spent around a bonfire. Elizabeth is glad she didn’t abandon her project altogether, and so am I!

Anne Merrow, Editor of Spin Off


Anne wins biggest pile for the yarn awards of summer 2017!

Admittedly, Anne did not spin all of this yarn in the summer of 2017, but she did spin half the singles and plied it all as part of her #CombospinSALKAL project. Based on Debbie Held’s article in Spin Off Winter 2017, Anne chose 11 braids of handpainted fiber plus odds and ends. She loved clearing out some space in her stash and working with a variety of colors.

But Anne’s enthusiasm had consequences! In her eagerness to ply the whole 3 pounds, she did it all in one weekend of binge-watching. When she woke up the next day, she had a nasty case of tendinitis! Remember: safe spinning is happy spinning. Be careful out there! Perhaps Anne should have taken into account Mary Egbert’s advice and done some strengthening exercises.

What are your favorite summer yarn stories? Share with us in the comments!

Happy spinning,

Featured Image: Deb Gerish, Elizabeth Prose, and Anne Merrow contributed their yarn to this beautiful pile of summer handspun. Photo by Jenna Fear. All other photos by Elizabeth Prose.

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