Fall, the season to spin

Marking time with yarn

A note from Amy Clarke Moore: You may or may not know that our wonderful assistant editor, Stefanie Berganini, decided to take a position at our sister publication, Stitch. She's just down the hall from us, so while you might miss her lively notes in our weekly e-newsletter, we still have the benefit of seeing her regularly. Liz Good is now sitting in Stefanie's seat–and she, too, has just moved from a spot just down the hall. Liz has worked for almost seven years as the assistant editor of Fiberarts magazine (we will be introducing her in more detail in the e-newsletter soon). I think you'll be as delighted with her contributions to the spinning community as I am, but I'll let you decide for yourself–here she is:

Me and my dog Tucker out for a summer bike ride.


Showing my mom and nephew how to spin at the Estes Park Wool Market.


One of my favorite parts of spinning is the sound of the wheel. I often turn off everything in the house and listen to the sound of making yarn. I am entranced by the rhythm of the treadles, the clicks of the flyer, and the whisper of the scotch-tension brake on the flyer. The yarn building up on the bobbin marks the passage of time and records the music the wheel creates. Funny enough, the same is true of weaving. I love the whoosh of lifting (and crash of falling) shafts and the percussion of beating the weft. I am always impressed by my symphony of creation and how it marks the time I spend making cloth.

The change of seasons

As fall starts I often become more aware of time. Lately my summers are a blur of bike rides, picnics, trips, and gardening. As the days shorten and grow cold everything seems to finally slow down. There is less time to walk the dog and more time to spin, knit, and weave while my boyfriend watches football.

Time to prepare

 For me spring marks expansion and the beginning of a frenzy of activity, fall allows me to pull back-to stay in, make things. Fall also is a great time to prepare as marks the passing of one year and the coming of the next. I am surprised how often I already need add things to my 2011 calendar and am glad I got one early. The latest selection of wall calendars from Interweave includes lovely yarny images and inspiration for every month of the year. The Spin-Off 2011 Calendar includes swatches and skeins of handspun yarn submitted by our readers along with interesting tidbits from spinning history. Important spinning dates, such as regional conferences and sheep and wool shows, are also noted. There are also calendars available related to beading, crochet, knitting, mixed-media, quilting, and weaving, so it is a great time to start thinking of gifts for all the yarn-lovers in your life.

Spin on,

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