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In the Summer 2014 issue of Spin-Off, Ercil Howard-Wroth shares amazing views from Tinkuy de Tejedores, a gathering of weavers in Cusco, Peru. Photo courtesy of Ercil Howard-Wroth.

It is an exciting time in the Spin-Off office. After months of preparation our Summer 2014 issue is going to press. It all started last August when we put out our call for entries for article ideas and projects based on spinning history and traditions from around the world. In November, we reviewed the submissions we received for the issue and selected the content. After the issue was assigned the contributors spent over a month refining their ideas and writing their articles and patterns. From the end of the year until now we have been carefully editing, reading, rereading the articles making sure every detail is just so. In late February our visual stylist Ann Swanson and designer Jason Reid created a global bazaar to stage amazing handspun for our photographer Joe Coca. And now, we are putting it all together to create an issue we're sure you will love. At the end of April, it will all be sent off to the printer. In late May, freshly printed copies will be mailed out to our subscribers and the newsstand. In all, a single magazine is a nine- or ten-month journey.

In the Summer 2014 issue of Spin-Off, Coleen Nimetz shares her experiences staying on a silk farm in northern Laos including daily chores such as feeding the silk worms. Photo courtesy of Coleen Nimetz.

Personally, I am always amazed by what I learn by studying spinning traditions around the world. While most of my knowledge comes from books and videos, I dream of traveling to distant lands and sitting down with craftspeople to learn their unique techniques through our common language of spinning. This issue includes many articles of spinners who have done just that: Linda Ligon shares how maguey fibers are thigh spun to create netted bags in Mexico; Ercil Howard-Wroth shares amazing stories and photos from Tinkuy de Tejedores, a world-wide gathering of weavers in Cusco, Peru; Coleen Nimetz shares the experience of staying on a silk farm in Phonsavan in Xieng Khouang Province in northern Laos including daily chores and learning reeling and dyeing techniques; Robin Russo takes a fiber tour Iceland with Marianne Guckelsberger, who lives in Iceland and was the recipient of a SOAR Scholarship in 2012; Kate Larson shares traditional Norwegian spinning techniques used to make lovely traditional embroidered gloves and mittens.

It is a true journey through the spinning world, and I think I could work on this issue forever. Each article teaches me something and leads me in a new direction of discovery. However, time marches on, and we have many exciting themes coming up. Our Fall 2014 issue focuses on equipment and has some fascinating articles about spindles, a look at blending boards, and a feature on unique custom and antique wheels. I have a new little spindle I can't put down, and I'm sure to learn some valuable tips as the issue comes together. I hope you will join us for the journey.

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P.S. We are currently accepting submission for the Winter 2015 issue, which has a focus on down and double coats. If you would like to contribute, you have until April 16 to submit your ideas. You can find the Call for Entry here on Spinning Daily.

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