Eddie the Eagle

You may ask yourself, “What does a biographical dramedy about Olympian Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards have to do with knitting?” To be honest, other than a vivid assortment of 1980s-era sweaters, not much. No one knits in the movie, which tells the story of the 1988 first British ski jumper to compete since 1929. No one spins yarn or crochets, either. Yet there are those ‘80s sweaters in all of their gaudy glory. Prominently featured in the movie, actress Jo Hartley, who plays Eddie’s mum, wears a handknitted “I’m Eddie’s Mum” sweater. Making the yarn connection, the film was promoted with not one but two knitting campaigns.

In a Knitting Olympics video clip of Eddie the Eagle, stars Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton “coach” knitters Merry Lambert and Katrina Stagg in a 30-second knitting competition.

I won’t tell you who won; watch for yourself. Then there is the #iknitforeddie, where you could vote for your favorite handknitted hat. Marketing genius, in our fibery opinion.

Eddie the Eagle

Eddie the Eagle. Directed by Dexter Fletcher. 20th Century Fox, 2016. Film.

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