Dyeing To Be A Kid Again

Yesterday was the 'reward' for my son's second grade class for working so hard throughout the year to learn to knit and for working together to create scarves and a blanket that will be donated to needy members of our community.

Yesterday was 'Dyeing Day'.  Armed with 20 quart-sized canning jars, a bag full of Kool Aid packets, a double burner with pots, a plastic table cloth and 20 skeins of undyed yarn (courtesy of Brown Sheep Wool Co.), I called the children of Mrs. Sowder's second grade to the floor of her classroom and taught them to dye wool.  

The kids had a ball watching the colors they chose bleed into the jar and mix and mingle.

They are gripped with anticipation to see the results of their unbridled creativity.

And I have a sneak preview…

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