DVD Preview: Drafting – The Long and Short of It by Abby Franquemont

Whats the difference between woolen and worsted spinning? IS there a difference? How do you decide when to use what method? Why should a spinner care? The questions are legion, the answers sometimes confusing. Here to make common sense out of it all is Abby Franquemont, who has been spinning since she was five years old.

You'll learn:
– The short forward draw (worsted) and what kinds of fibers its best for.
– The backward long draw (woolen) and what kinds of fibers to choose it for.
– Two hybrid drafting methods, including spinning from the fold.
– Important extras such as making good worsted joins and spinning ergonomics.
– And last but not least, what happens when you give two kittens the run of a spinning studio.

The result? Youll be comfortable with a wide range of drafting methods, and you will have developed a sense of when and how to use them with different fiber preparations. Its all part of becoming an accomplished spinner, and making the yarn you want.

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