Tool Profile: Drumcarder

What is a drumcarder? A fiber preparation tool used for aligning fiber, blending, and creating batts, it’s composed of two parallel drums covered in carding cloth. The smaller licker-in drum feeds the fiber onto the larger drum, the swift. Operation is controlled either by hand crank or motor. The batt is then lifted off with a doffing rod.


A drumcarder blends fibers beautifully. Carded fiber spins yarn on the woolen spectrum.


Fibers not aligned as much as combing. An investment—drumcarders can be pricey.


In her article “Make Your Drumcarder Your Friend for Life,” featured in the Spring 2017 issue of Spin Off, Deb Menz explains, “The purpose of a drumcarder is to open up and generally align fibers to make spinning easier and more controllable. It can also be a great tool for color and fiber blending.”

Deb’s tips include:

  • Use clean fiber. Once grease gets in the carding cloth, it’s hard to remove.
  • Tease fibers open before feeding them to the drumcarder.
  • Feed fiber a small amount at a time.
  • Keep the sides of the drums free of stray fibers.


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