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Wensley and Dale, Spin-Off Winter 2000

Years ago, my mother spotted a newborn lamb with large black and white splotches, making him look more like a miniature Holstein calf than a Columbia lamb. He was only hours old when my Mom claimed his yet ungrown fleece. Months later, she spun the beautiful black, white, and gray fleece and knitted a double thick hood to keep me warm in the cold Wyoming winters. Over ten years later this is still my favorite winter weather accessory. I asked her once where she found the pattern, and she pulled out a stack of patterns saved from old Spin-Off issues.


Worsted and woolen yarns,

Spin Off Fall 2008

I started saving Spin-Off issues about two years ago, but the magazine has been in publication since the 1970s. My collection is still missing years of tips, tricks, patterns, and knowledge. And the more I know about spinning, the more I want to learn.

Spin-Off is currently compiling their back issues into CD compilations. Each CD contains at least four back issues exactly as they appeared at their original publication. Now I won't miss articles such as Rudy Amann's "Worsted, woolen, or semi-something" from the Fall 2008 issue (yarn samples at right). In this article Rudy asks, "Do you spin worsted or woolen yarn? Don't worry if you don't know—many spinners do not know what type of yarn they spin.…The difference between worsted and woolen yarns comes from how the fibers are prepared for spinning, the drafting technique that is used, and how twist is allowed to enter the fibers." I spin a worsted yarn, but I now I want to try a woolen yarn.

And I am in love with Wensley and Dale (above left), which are crocheted with Wensleydale locks. Without the CD collections, I would have missed these adorable sheep puppets from the Winter 2000 issue.


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