Do you have projects for the Frog Pond?


Members discussed how some of the unfinished projects might be repurposed. Photos courtesy of Katherine Lambert.
Other projects were released into the frog pond and could be adopted by guild members. 

As I was reading through the 2014 schedule for the Palomar Handweavers' Guild in Vista, California, the February Frog Pond meeting caught my eye. Member Katherine Lambert also called this theme "the road less raveled," and shared a quote from weaver Lillian Whipple: "Having a 'dog on the loom' is a weaver's agonya waste of time and materials. They bark and howl and bite." Katherine gave a presentation on how other fiber artists like Lillian Whipple, such as Spin Artiste and WoolWench and R. L. Delight, deal with projects that, once started, don't proceed as planned. Sometimes the project is ill-conceived and full of errors; at other times, we might just find ourselves uninspired with a project.


At the guild meeting, members were invited to bring a project to toss into the frog pond. Katherine says, "I sent an email asking them to bring two items to the upcoming meeting: a project they haven't finished because they need advice, and one project that they have just given up on to put in the frog pond for adoption." At the meeting, everyone shared a UFO (unfinished object), and the group offered suggestions. Katherine says, "It was so reassuring to find that even the best weavers had questions and worries." The UFOs that the owners decided to part from were tossed into the frog pond, where they could be taken by another member and given new direction. In the end, only a few small projects were left and the rest had been given new homes. The guild meeting was such a success that they might host a frog pond each year. 



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