Do it in the washing machine

How to NOT make a felt doughnut

Judith MacKenzie purchasing fleeces at the Estes Park Wool Market in June.

I'm so excited! Judith MacKenzie's DVD Three Bags Full showed up on my desk this morning. What a treat. You'd think that after being onsite for the taping of the video at the Estes Park Wool Market, plus watching the entire 4-hour extravaganza several times in the process of editing it and preparing it for the release, that the excitement might have worn off by now. But the opposite is true. In fact, I can't wait to watch it again (all those cute sheep!). I'm looking forward to putting it in my DVD player at home while I'm spinning and listening to Judith because when she speaks, I'm both soothed and inspired.

But also, each time I watch it I glean important things that I can put right to use. I mentioned in an earlier post Judith's tip about putting raw fleeces in air tight buckets to keep them as fresh as the day they were sheared. Currently, all the fleeces at the school where I volunteer are stored in these buckets to great effect—safe from wool-eating and nesting vermin.

Judith MacKenzie and Roy Dow being filmed by Garrett Evans at the Estes Park Wool Market while sheep look on.

Next I want to explore her tips about washing fleeces—she goes over so many different methods, each with a different effect. I don't know what your basement looks like (I imagine that yours is a lot more tidy and organized than mine is), but I have fleeces that I haven't had a chance to wash and process yet.

One method I can't wait to try out involves the washing machine. That's right. THE WASHING MACHINE! Judith's method uses the washing machine—but not the whole cycle—you extract your fleece before the agitate cycle takes over and converts your lovely, soft fleece into a felted doughnut.

The whole 2-set DVD is filled with these tips—the kind you want to run out and try out immediately. I can't wait to see what tip I'm inspired to try the next time I watch this inspiring video.

Happy spinning,

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