Demolition Man

Somehow I have never seen Demolition Man, even though cheesy futuristic sci-fi and/or post-apocalyptic movies are totally my thing. It was on tv last night and there was a part that made me laugh so hard I thought I had to share it. (Although it's entirely possible that without the rest of the movie for context this might not be funny at all to those who haven't seen it.)

The set-up: Sylvester Stallone is a wrongly-imprisoned cop who was frozen and re-awakened in the future to bring down another more dangerous criminal who was also recently unfrozen from the past (yeah, it doesn't really make sense, but that doesn't matter.) The future is strange and tightly regulated – there is no cursing, no crime, the only music is childish happy elevator songs, and everyone is friendly and perky and seems like they've had too much sugar. It's a little bit like what would happen if Sesame Street was real, minus the puppets.

The scene: Sylvester Stallone has feelings for his cop partner (Sandra Bullock), but they just got in an argument. He goes home to his apartment and for some reason sits down to knit. This clip picks up the morning after.

WARNING: This is a long clip, and the first 1:15 is the part I think is funny. Even a few seconds beyond that and you'd better be prepared for language and fighting and other typical Sylvester Stallone action.

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