Decisions, Decisions

sleeping fox vid covEvery December, I try to come up with crafting resolutions for the upcoming year, because the ones about exercising more, eating better, budgeting my money, etc., just go nowhere. By now, I’ve learned to refine my existing skills rather than take on new crafts. I’d rather get better at spinning, even after 20 years of it, than pursue another hobby requiring more equipment and materials. (My studio is already bursting at the seams.) I also resolve to get other people started with new hobbies, especially my tween nieces. Kits are the perfect way to get them crafting and keep us connected. Plus, since they don’t expect or receive Christmas presents from me, surprise gifts in early January will make them happy. Interweave’s overstock sale occurs at the perfect moment to turn these resolutions into reality.

felted owl vid covI’ll have a hard time choosing for the girls. Should I push them towards needlefelting or spinning and knitting? They love yarn: the last time I saw them, they helped me wind a skein when I didn’t have a swift and ballwinder. Videos on basic drop spindle spinning and knitting will get them started, then they can use the handy reference books for bigger questions. Best of all, since the kit includes a spindle and a pair of knitting needles, they can both keep busy—nobody will be left with idle hands!


But the girls also love animals, and they would be enchanted by kits to needlefelt baby owls, holiday gnomes, or a sleeping fox. They’re old enough to handle sharp needles safely, and there’s an easier learning curve with needlefelting. What to do? Buy all, of course. At sale prices, I can afford it!camelids kit cov

My own skills will get a boost from advanced spinning kits. I just got the Luxury Fibers Camelids kit last week, and it’s gorgeous. (Here my resolution involves working through Judith MacKenzie’s video, which will be fun.) Spinning Plant Fiber Premium Collection will push me to revisit cotton and hemp; I’ve worked with both, but not very much. Stephenie Gaustad and Norm Kennedy will show me what I’ve been missing. Finally—and I’m super-embarrassed to admit this—I’ve never learned how to use a drop spindle. Supported, yes; drop, no. It’s humiliating to have such a drop spindle kitbasic hole in my spinning repertoire. Abby Franquemont and Anita Osterhaug will set me straight with their amazing Drop Spindle Kit. Again, since I can afford multiple kits at these sale prices, my big decision will involve which one to use first.


If you’ve resolved to develop new spinning skills, get others crafting, or simply to shop early for 2016 holiday presents, take advantage of this overstock sale. But hurry, as there’s limited availability for each item.

Deb Gerish
Editor, Love of Knitting

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