Dear Mom,

Vega Cowl by April Garwood
Walker Scarf by Andrea Babb
Alpine Frost Scarf by Amy O'Neil Houck

I started making you a beautiful scarf for Christmas! I picked out a simple but lovely pattern, the Alpine Frost Scarf by Amy O’Neil Houck, and some handspun yarn from my stash. It has a little sparkle from some Angelina fiber, and it’s a long-color-repeat singles. The scarf is almost finished, which is good because I’ve been working on it for . . . well, quite some time. Months. OK, maybe years, but I’m within striking distance of finishing for the holidays this year.

But then . . . we moved. And that lovely scarf I'm making you is somewhere in here. (Along with everything else we own.)

So, I have some good news! I found a lovely skein of dk-weight singles and a brand-new pattern for the Vega Cowl by April Garwood in the DIY Holiday issue. It's an open and dramatic-looking cowl that I should still be able to finish in time. I can't say the same for the socks I've been making Dad for the past four years, though. (Maybe he'd like a nice Walker Scarf by Andrea Babb . . . but I might have to spin some yarn for it first. Maybe for next Christmas!)


Your Crafty Daughter


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