Corrections in the Summer 2010 issue of Spin-Off magazine

Undulating Scarf by Adriana Schoenberg, page 50

We're very sorry about the incorrect directions for making a center double decrease. The directions should be as follows:

CDI = Center double increase. The CDI is made into one stitch: Knit into back and front of next stitch and then knit into back of vertical bar between those stitches.
Further clarification: Once you’ve knit into the back and front of the stitch, there will be a tiny vertical strand between the 2 new stitches–lift that strand and put it on left needle and knit into back of it.  The increase makes a total of 3 sts where there had been 1 st before. It’s a special double increase.

Drafting Techniques: The long and the short of it by Jeannine Bakriges, page 64

Jeannine Bakriges wishes to thank Elizabeth Johnson for modeling for her article, "Drafting Techniques: The long and short of it."

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