Comb a Rainbow of Colorful Wool

Ever go to a fiber festival or a fiber store and feel absolutely beguiled by the colorful braids of hand-dyed top? What if I told you that you could create those luscious hues yourself, without touching a dye pot? Fiber artist Esther Rodger’s Color Blending for Spinners is a great way to learn how to create an entire rainbow with a pair of handcombs and just three colors of commercially dyed wool top.

colorful wool

Oh yes she did.

All colors derive from the three primary hues: red, yellow, and blue. Blending red and yellow gives you orange; combining red and blue creates purple; and so on. It’s a lesson we all learned in elementary school with a box of crayons. BUT. The beauty of using handcombs to manually blend fibers is that you will never have a completely blended mix, and it is that slight irregularity that gives richness and depth to your colors.

colorful wool

Throw some shade on your fiber.

Things get really fun when you start blending black and white into your mix. (Okay, that’s technically more than three hues, but I’m the sort of person who doesn’t consider salt and pepper “ingredients” when I cook.) Adding white lightens and brightens things into a tint, while adding black tones things down into a shade. Which is to say that handcombing commercially dyed fiber gives you color options that can go well beyond some of the hand-dyes you see.

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