Colorways, Spring 2012


Colorful Traditions

Purple Nails, Purple Thread: Eric Mindling follows traditional Purpura pansa dyers

Painted Shipibo Textiles: J. Claire Odland explores labyrinthine designs in Peru's Amazon Basin


Shape It Up: Malka Dubrawsky's contemporary take on itajime
+PDF Download: Itajime-dyed Luncheon Napkins

Guatemalan Jaspé: Deborah Chandler explains the complex techniques of a simple cloth

Woven Shibori: Catharine Ellis and the Oriole Mill bring the weaving technique to dyers

Colorful People

Life and Times in Color: Nell Znamierowski

Preserving Natural Color: Olga Reiche

Earth Tones

Bingata: John Marshall paints pigments on cloth with an Okinawan technique

Dyeing with Mushrooms, Earth's Colorful Fungi: Jessica Gates finds color beneath our feet


Editor's Corner

Try This: Natural Dye Workshop with Michel Garcia

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