Colorways, Fall 2011


Designing with a Color Wheel
Deb Menz selects and cards colors
+ PDF download: Tetrad Scarves

Color My World
A report from ISEND 2011

Overdyeing One, Two, Three
Sara Lamb transforms textiles from unloved to lovely

The Blue World
Exploring indigo around the world

Growing Green, Growing Blue
Rowland Ricketts brings a Japanese art to the Midwest

Two Ways to Create an Indigo Vat
Dagmar Klos offers directions for natural and chemical processes
+ PDF download: Natural Fermentation Vat
+ PDF Download: Chemical Reduction Vat

Saxon Blue
Linda Ligon explores an unexpected shade of indigo

Indigo in China
Not far from high-tech Shanghai, indigo is used in traditional textiles

In the Kitchen
Cathy Bullington coaxes color from everyday edibles
+ PDF download: Dye Recipes

Lichens: Fungi + Algae = Color!
Glenna Dean shows that color grows on trees

Sermons in Stone
Linda Ligon gets dye from stone soup


Editor's Corner

Try This: Dye Samples

Further Exploration

Sources & Suppliers

In Closing . . . Indigo

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