CNY Fiber Frolic this weekend!


Scenes from last year's Fiber Frolic event. Photos courtesy of the Golden Fleece Spinners' Society. 


This weekend, the Golden Fleece Spinners' Society will host its fifth annual Fiber Frolic in Baldwinsville, New York. Spinners from around the region will be heading to the Beaver Lake Nature Center for a fun day together on Saturday, April 18, 2015. The event focuses on "farm to customer" products, including plenty of spinner fibers, yarns, and finished textiles.


Guild members were able to promote the event last year on the local news. Brandon Roth of CNY Central News was given an on-air spinning lesson at the Salt City Fiber Works to spread the word about the Frolic. It's always great to see spinners sharing their craft and enlarging our fiber community!


Guild member Michelle Clark is also involved with Weaving a Life and will have a Story Loom available at the Fiber Frolic again this year. Everyone is invited to weave a bit on the loom, with each person contributing to a larger, unified cloth. The concept behind the Story Loom and the smaller Journey Loom was developed by Susan Barrett-Merrill and her husband, Richard. Michelle is an enthusiastic supporter of Weaving a Life and shares a bit about it with us:


"The Story Loom brings community together for a unified project, working together to create a tapestry that contains a little of everyone that touches it and weaves in a part of themselves.


"The structure of Loom is a metaphor for the structure of life. The seven sticks or beams (depending on the size of the loom) that make up the loom, represent seven aspects of living in our bodies;  being, doing, feeling, thinking, listening, and talking. The seventh stick/beam represents the Creator-it's the connection at the top of the loom which represents stability and peace radiating down into life.  


Visitors are invited to try a bit of weaving during the Frolic event. 

"In addition, the warp of the Loom represents our core values-we always warp one red thread in the center of the warp to represent our own center. The weft represents our actions, so our actions are woven together with our values."


Learn more about the Fiber Frolic on the guild's Facebook page and Ravelry group.


Central New York (CNY) Fiber Frolic

Saturday, April 18, 2015

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Beaver Lake Nature Center

8477 East Mud Lake Road

Baldwinsville, NY



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