Checking posts

Keeping up with our blog posts is as easy as subscribing if you are so inclined. If you’re not very familiar with this technology, don’t worry – this post should be able to help walk you through the process. Using a feed is a quick and easy way of keeping up to date with your favorite websites. Not all websites offer a feed but many, especially those that change frequently like news sites and blogs, offer this service to their visitors. By having a feed visitors can check which of their favorite sites have been updated recently without having to look at each site individually. Syndication isn't just available for use on computers, you can also subscribe from PDAs and mobile phones.

In the office we subscribe to various blogs and websites using Sage to aggregate our feeds. We downloaded it for free at Mozilla's site. Sage reads both Atom and RSS when used with Mozilla Firefox. Firefox is a web browser also available for free download. But you don’t need Firefox and Sage to use this clever technology. There are lots of aggregators (feed readers) available to use for free. Google and Yahoo offer them, among many others.

Depending on which aggregator you use, you may be able to just click our feed link, in the sidebar – or here – to add the feed to your program. However, some aggregators will require you to copy and paste the URL of the feed ( or into the program. Sage offers a third option, auto discovery, where you need only click on a magnifying glass icon and it will find the available feeds on the website being viewed.

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