Celebrating Elizabeth Zimmermann at Susan's Fiber Shop


My first sweater, handspun and knitted in the fall of 2003. I used my own yarns and instructions from Knitting Without Tears. Photo: Anne Carter.
Kate Atherley's great webinar Demystifying the Pi Shawl is available through the Interweave Store.


Just hearing the name Elizabeth Zimmermann (1910‒1999) brings a smile to many knitters' faces. Legendary for her accessible knitting prose, she has set new knitters on the path to pattern independence and helped to broaden the approach of experienced knitters. I was very lucky to be introduced to her books right after my first garter-stitch dishcloth. My spinning instructor, Tim Ackerman, handed me Knitting Without Tears when I said that I wanted to knit a sweater as my first project with my handspun yarn. I had been knitting and spinning for less than a month. In retrospect, I can see how lucky I was that Tim not only didn't tell me I was too ambitious but knew that Elizabeth Zimmermann was a great first mentor for me. With Tim's help, I spun the yarn, knitted the sweater, and learned so much. Thank you, Tim!


In honor of Elizabeth Zimmermann's 105th birthday, Susan McFarland of Susan's Fiber Shop will be hosting a birthday celebration on August 9th. Susan is welcoming everyone to her shop in Columbus, Wisconsin, to spend the day knitting, spinning, and eating cake. She has plenty of books in stock, including those written by Elizabeth herself and many published by Schoolhouse Press, founded by the Zimmermann family in 1958. The business is now run by daughter Meg Swansen, a famed designer, instructor, and author. Schoolhouse continues to connect knitters with some of the best yarns in the world, a fabulous book selection, and knitting instruction several times at year at Knitting Camp.


Elizabeth Zimmermann continues to inspire the work of many knitters and designers. Check out Kate Atherley's great webinar Demystifying the Pi Shawl, one of the most popular Zimmermann patterns. And Mercedes Tarasovich-Clark used the percentage sweater system explained in Knitting Without Tears for her Refined Raglan pattern.


                 Join the party at Susan's Fiber Shop

                                  August 9, 2015

                               N250 County Rd A

                               Columbus, WI 53925



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