Celebrating Community and Creativity


Long time members Jeanne and Dick Stevens with Judy and Jack Dominick. Photos courtesy of WGGC.
The silent auction and raffle were a hit.
Member Gwen Sferra with the illusive Cincinnati Bombshells.
Yarn Bomb!

The Weavers Guild of Greater Cincinnati held a gala event on Saturday, June 15th to honor sixty-five years of "creativity in the fiber arts." Guild member Paula Baumann gathered some great images and shared more about this special gala event:

"The Guild Anniversary was a marvelous success both for the House Preservation Fund and the enjoyment of the members. We doubled our goal in the four figures from the Silent Auction and Raffle which included over 100 items donated by members. One-hundred-and-twenty entry tickets sold to members, friends, and guests which maxed out the planned number. Dinner included a variety of delicious buffet items by guild member and former deli owner, Mary McMahon.  

"Surprise guests included the Cincinnati Bombshells who recently yarn bombed the wooly mammoths at Cincinnati Museum Center's Geier Collections & Research Center. The 65th Anniversary MC duties were dramatically handled by Bombshell Pinky Sheers, a.k.a. guild member Pam Kravatz. The Guild House and Gala Tent were also decorated with Bombshell items borrowed from their large-scale installation at the Cincinnati Art Museum Bomb in 2012.

"Jeanne and Dick Stevens attended much to the delight of many of our members. The Stevens are both in their 90's and were very active participants in the Guild over the years."

Here's to sixty-five more years of learning and sharing in Cincinnati! Learn more about this active guild and their unique fiber arts facility in this Spinner's Connection story.



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