Call for Submissions: Spin Off Magazine Fall 2018

Taking our cue from the annual fall equipment theme, Spin Off magazine’s Fall 2018 issue examines the useful, long-lasting element of spinning. We may not spin every textile we use, but we can still create practical yarns that stand up to wear and serve a purpose.

Whether you’re spinning to clothe your family or striving for a particular effect, take a look at the tools, fibers, and techniques you reach for to make useful yarn. Also consider the equipment you couldn’t live without, whether it’s purpose-built or pressed into service.

As usual, the issue will be organized loosely around themes, but we welcome articles that don’t fit tidily into them. We may ask to hold something for a future issue, so don’t hesitate to submit what’s on your mind.

Spin Off

All photos by Joe Coca.

Spin Off magazine is looking for:

  • Feature articles—intriguing stories, profiles, history
  • Handspun projects—instructions using knitting, weaving, crochet, or other techniques with handspun yarn
  • How-to articles—tell us how it is done

Please include with your submission:

  • For feature or how-to articles: a brief description and detailed outline, supporting images.
  • For handpun projects: Sketches and technical schematics (for garment); swatch of proposed stitch and sample of intended yarn (including details of weight and fiber).
  • Your mailing address, phone number, and email address.
  • Completed submission form.
  • For articles, emailed submissions are highly encouraged.
  • For our editorial guidelines, templates, photography requirements, or any questions, email [email protected] You can find submissions information for all Interweave magazines at

Submissions due — November 22, 2017
We will notify you of our decision after — December 11, 2017
Accepted proposals due by — February 5, 2018

Mail to:
Spin Off magazine Fall 2018
4868 Innovation Drive
Fort Collins, CO 80525
(800) 272-2193

Love spinning yarn? You’ll love Spin Off magazine!


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