Call for Submissions: Grassroots, Spin Off Magazine Winter 2018-2019

Each winter, Spin Off magazine celebrates natural fibers with articles, patterns, and the Natural Fiber Directory. This year’s issue celebrates all things wooly (and silky and cottony and so forth), beginning with the earth they grow on, the grassroots.

Besides “what goats and sheep eat,” grassroots also means the importance of community in the world of fiber. Whether it’s developing a fibershed to support regional farmers and textile producers, running a spinning guild, or teaching friends to spin, spinning has always been a craft nurtured by the community. In the internet era, the community may stretch around the world, but it’s created one spinner at a time.

Do you know someone who is changing the world through fiber? Are you bringing your friends together in a spinning group? Are you a spinning community organizer? We’re open to literal interpretations, too, if you want to tell us about plants and soil.

As always, Spin Off magazine is delighted to include articles that diverge from the theme of the issue. Each issue is an eclectic mix of how-to, storytelling, community news, and inspiration. We welcome new contributors; every issue includes writers we haven’t published before, and every returning contributor published a first article sometime.

Getty Images/Peter Cade

Getty Images/Peter Cade

We are looking for:

1. Feature articles: Intriguing stories, profiles of artisans and businesses, and history of the craft give our readers new insights into the world of fiver and yarn.

2. Handspun projects: Show how you transformed fiber into handspun yarn and finished items using knitting, weaving, crochet, or other techniques. (Please note that projects must be accompanied by accurate directions.)

3. How-to articles: Tell us how you approach a particular technique, solve a spinning problem, or use a tool.

Find contributor guidelines and a submissions form on our Call for Submissions page. Submissions are due February 26, 2018.

Featured Image: Getty Images/Annabelle Breakey

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