When it comes to waiting for the next issue of Spin-Off, I have been accused of lacking patience. The actual hours of spinning pass all too quickly, but time spent waiting for a new magazine to arrive passes agonizingly slow. I want the satisfaction of immediately beginning a new project or delving into a new article. So my new favorite products are digital versions that can be viewed instantly.

Going digital has more advantages than mere instant gratification, though. More than once I have misplaced an issue or accidentally spilled my drink across the pages. This usually led to a frantic hour of searching or the purchase of another copy. With digital issues, you can enjoy the reassurance that your issues won't be lost or damaged. You will also find all of your back issues easily accessible—ready if you want to look up an old article on Scotch tension, spinning silk carrier rods (Fall 2011), or find the pattern for the Helix Scarf (Spring 2011).

One of my favorite features is the ability to create bookmarks. I find that as my spinning experience increases, I am able to glean more information from many of the articles. There are articles such as the troubleshooting article in Fall 2011, that I return to again and again.

I just sneaked a quick  peek at the upcoming Winter 2011 issue and found two articles I will definitely be bookmarking. The Winter issue takes a closer look at fiber, from fiber diameter to crimp. There are articles that delve into how to find the perfect fleece for your project and how to turn that fleece into the perfect yarn. I first learned about crimp for a 4-H presentation when I was about twelve. Now that I have learned to spin, I have an even greater appreciation for the different ways in which fine, medium, and coarse wools are spun.

And now with a digital subscription to Spin-Off  you can bookmark your favorite patterns and articles for access wherever you have a computer, iPad, or Android device. Subscribe now and don't miss a single issue.

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