Beyond Merino

If you look at most handspinners’ stashes, I bet a lot of them are made up of various preparations of Merino. Merino is wonderful stuff, but there’s so much more to spinning!


In “A Guide to Spinning Wool: Learn How to Spin Wool from Rare Sheep Breeds and Other Wool Fibers,” we introduce you to four less-known wool breeds and how to spin them: Border Leicester, Wensleydale, Jacob, and Bond. Border Leicester and Wensleydale are long and luxurious, with gorgeous locks. Jacob is its own thing, a hardy spotted sheep with great diversity of fiber and color—even within the same sheep! Bonds are a fine, long-stapled wool that ranges from white to oatmeal to a chocolate so delicious it makes me hungry. Each of them can be spun a bit differently—and the free eBook includes a pattern for using each one.


Even if you’re perfectly happy spinning Merino top, give one of these breeds a try. Your hands will appreciate the joy of a different fiber slipping between your fingers.


Happy spinning!



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