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Maggie Casey teaching Spinning 101 at SOAR 2011 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Judith MacKenzie teaching her Spinning for Color workshop at SOAR 2011 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Deb Menz teaching her From Swatch to Scarf workshop at SOAR 2011 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Bringing the Spin-Off Autumn Retreat to you

2012 marks the 30th anniversary of our annual spinning retreat, SOAR. And although it won't be held again until next October (October 21–27 at Granlibakken Conference Center & Lodge, Lake Tahoe, California, to be exact), we are already reviewing mentor submissions and figuring out the lineup for next year's teachers. Because SOAR is such a major undertaking for both the Spin-Off editorial team and the Interweave Events team, it is always near the top of our thoughts and in our hearts. 

SOAR (Spin-Off Autumn Retreat) started out as a pretty informal gathering of spinners but has evolved into a weeklong event with four-day workshops, one-day workshops, and two days of half-day retreats. It is a smorgasbord for those who want to hone their spinning skills, offering many different topics and ways to learn. Participants can choose anything from an in-depth four-day session on one topic to a four-hour intense focus on one technique. Every year we pick a group of mentors that offer a well-rounded selection of classes. While we vary this selection from year to year, there are a few instructors whom we ask back year after year. These mentors are ones who really shine in an area and always have something new to share with their students. Maggie Casey excels at bringing new spinners into the fold, Judith MacKenzie offers solid information for taking your skills to the next level, and Deb Menz can teach just about anything about color.

Through SOAR, the Spin-Off team has developed great relationships with these instructors and has really gotten to know what they can offer to spinners with a passion to learn. Because of this we have chosen many of them to help us create our recent workshop DVDs. We are very excited because through the DVDs this information can be shared with anyone, any time.

And, for the first time we are bundling the DVDs together, offering them at a special price and creating the opportunity for in-depth workshops with three of our most beloved SOAR mentors.

  • Just getting started? If you are a beginner, what could be better than joining Maggie Casey for Getting Started on a Drop Spindle, learning how to spin on a wheel with Eunny Jang in Start Spinning, and learning the basics of preparing your own fiber and spinning with a result in mind with Big and Lofty Yarns.
  • Are you ready for the next step in your spinning? Judith MacKenzie can help you know your wheel better in Popular Wheel Mechanics, be mindful as you create yarn with the Gentle Art of Plying, and fill your own box of spinning "tools" with six different drafting techniques in A Spinner's Toolbox.
  • Ready to jump into color? Join Deb Menz as she creates any and every color by blending on a drumcarder in Color Works for Spinners, explores creating a palette for a project and blending roving to get the exact colors you need in Color and Yarn Design for Spinners, and explains how to create dye stock solutions and get a variety of results in your own home in Dyeing in the Kitchen.

After twenty-nine years of putting passionate spinners together with great mentors, we are excited to offer the opportunity to explore spinning more in-depth from your own home or to share as a gift with others.

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