Are You Ready to Roc?

Get spinning in 2016. Photo: Kate Larson.

Get spinning in 2016. Photo: Kate Larson.

Many spinners will celebrate Roc Day (or Rock Day or St. Distaff’s Day) this weekend. It’s a holiday that many modern spinners keep on their calendars. Some groups celebrate with large events, complete with vendors and workshops, while others spend a casual day together spinning (and eating). Members of the Weavers of Char-Lee in Fort Myers, Florida, are gearing up to spend the day together yarn bombing their public library!

January 7th, traditionally observed as St. Distaff’s Day, signified the end of the holiday season and a return to work (including spinning) following Christmas. For most modern spinners, our craft is not just work but also a source of joy and camaraderie—how lucky we are! To learn more about the holiday, check out Scottish author Robert Chambers’ Book of Days, published in 1869.

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