Are you ready for winter?

Big and Lofty Yarns DVD by Maggie Casey

I wasn’t. It came fast and flurrying here in Colorado. There’s no time to knit my lovely fine-gauge stash yarn into something to keep me warm.

In the meantime, the giant bins of fiber beckon. Any of the braids of handpainted top in my stash would be lovely to wear around my neck… but probably not in their present form.

Enter the bulky yarn. Wouldn’t it be great to make enough yarn to knit a warm hat one evening and knit a whole cowl the next night? You’d have to spin quick and chunky yarn to accomplish it.

Carol Sulcoski's Gnomish Hat pattern

Maggie Casey’s video Big and Lofty Yarns shows you how to do just that: make fat (but not heavy) and luscious bulky yarns.

I have my eye on Carol Sulcoski’s Gnomish Hat for a quick spin and knit—or a perfect gift knit. It will take about 6 ounces of lovely wool, but at 3.5 stitches to the inch it should be ready in no time.

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