Are you ready for Tour de Fleece?


Team Golding, anyone? Golding Ring Spindle Photo: Kate Larson.


Are you ready for a spinning challenge? Since 2006, spinners around the world have organized spinning teams and fibery goals for Tour de Fleece. The idea behind TdF is to make time for daily spinning during the Tour de France, an international cycling event held July 4‒26, 2015. The event has grown each year with thousands of spinners taking part. The Ravelry Tour de Fleece group alone has over seven thousand members, and dozens of spinning teams have formed. Here are a few from last year.


To get started, the TdF organizers have a welcome thread on Teams are organizing now and there are groups to suit every fiber or tool focus. Here are just a few:


Team Rookie for those who are new to the competition.


Team Trindle will be doing their competition spinning on Trindle spindles.


Team Three Waters Farm will be spinning dyer Mary Ann Pagano's gorgeous combed tops during the event. There are even a few special colorways for the event available for preorder on the Three Waters Farm Etsy Shop.


And don't forget the Tour de Fleece official goals: Challenge yourself, spin, and have fun! We will share updates here on Spinner's Connection. Contact Kate at if you would like to be featured.  


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