Are you ready for Spinzilla?


It's time for Spinzilla! Businesses are signing up now through July 14 to host teams for this fun competition hosted by the Spinning and Weaving Group of TNNA (The National Needleworkers Association), which will be held the week of October 6‒12, 2014. Individuals can join teams August 4-September 22, or join as Rouge Spinners without a team August 4-October 3. While the goal of the competition is to spin as many yards of singles as possible, the dedicated organizers behind the event hope to encourage spinners to learn new techniques, share their skills, and have an excuse to drop everything and spin!

Ready to jump on board? The first step is to join an existing team or create your own. There are details about the process on the Spinzilla blog. Many teams have information posted on Ravelry and are already chatting about winning strategies and fiber selections. Since the event is focused on helping spinners to learn more, teams are beginning spring training. Groups like Team Asheville Home Crafts, Team Meridian Jacobs, and Team Louet are already preparing for the fall. For more helpful hints, watch for this year's Spinzilla blog tour, which is scheduled to begin next month. Good luck!

If you have further questions about how to create or join a team, just ask the helpful folks at Spinzilla: [email protected].

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