Annual Skein and Swatch Competition challenges guild members in western Australia

The Handweavers', Spinners' and Dyers' Guild of Western Australia, Inc. held its annual Skein and Swatch Competition in June. The competition is an opportunity for all spinners not only to "strut their stuff, but to challenge ourselves and enter the results of our efforts . . . it really is true that the more we put into something, the more we get out of it." Skeins must weigh not less than 25 grams and entrants should indicate the wraps per inch (unstretched and placed under normal tension when wrapped around the ruler and just touching each other). A sample of the fiber used is attached to a card showing the category entered, the proposed use for the yarn, and a 10-centimeter-square swatch that has been knitted, crocheted, woven, or prepared with any other technique. The guild's spring meeting featured resources available on the Internet such as Ravelry, YouTube, and Etsy. Warnings were also included about the addictive nature of purchasing online fiber-related products!

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