Anne Merrow

Anne Merrow

I was working at a traditional publishing house when my boss taught me to knit and changed my life. After joining Interweave as a book editor in 2005, I learned to crochet and weave but found my true love in spinning.

Since then, I have worked in almost every editorial capacity in the company, acquiring and editing dozens of books, creating eMags including Sockupied and Colorways, producing and starring in videos and television, staffing events, and writing more newsletters and blog posts than I can count.

In 2014, I became editor of Spin Off, Interweave’s oldest publication and the premier journal of the handspinning community. I also originated the special issue Easy Weaving with Little Looms and serve as Content Strategist for spinning and weaving.

I believe that twist is magic glue, that sheep are man’s greatest invention, and that the serial comma rules supreme. I live in Northern Colorado with my husband, two cats, and a stash that would make any crafter proud.