An ode to scarves

What's not to love about scarves?

Adriana's Soft Kiss Scarf, designed by Adriana Schoenberg and featured in the upcoming Fall 2013 issue of Spin-Off (due out the end of August), is definitely in Liz's knitting queue.

I have to say, I think scarves are the perfect project for my handspun. As a spinner, knitter, and weaver, they are the perfect outcome for my crafts. Here are the top ten reasons I love scarfs:

1. Scarves (almost) always fit. (I have ended up with a couple that are too short, but never too long.)

2. Scarves are an easy way to liven up any outfit.

3. Scarves are both functional and beautiful. Beyond being infinitely wearable, they double as a sling, a baby carrier, belt, dog leash, hammock, pretty much anything you can imagine…

4. Scarves usually take 4 oz. or less of fiber to make. Perfect for those irresistible hand-painted/hand-dyed bumps.

5. Scarves make great gifts (see #1 above).

5½. Of all the things I've made for my boyfriend over the years, a scarf is the only thing he has actually worn.

6. Scarves are quick and easy to warp and weave on any loom (from pin to floor). They make a perfect weekend project.

7. Scarves offer the opportunity to knit complex lace without shaping.

8. Scarves are historically significant. They are one of the only garments to be consistently worn since ancient Egyptian times.

9. Scarves can act like a warm hug to brighten any day.

10. Fringe.

The list could really go on forever. How about you, do you have a favorite garment to make from you handspun? Is it, perhaps, scarves? Share your top-tens in the comments below.

Spin on,

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