An editor's knitting queue

We have invited Amy Palmer, the new editor of Interweave's Knitscene, to share the projects in her queue from the new Knitscene Accessories. Any of these small projects would be great for handspun.

An editor's knitting queue

Amy Palmer, Knitscene's new editor, in her version of Andrea Babb's Bow and Arrow Hat. 

Amy Palmer: There's something about knitted accessories that just thrills me—the idea of nearly instant knitting gratification; the fact that I don't have to have thousands of yards of yarn on hand; the ability to practice new techniques or try out new types of yarn without the commitment of larger projects. The little trill of joy I get from knitting accessories is just one of the reasons I love working on Knitscene Accessories.

Each year as the projects for Knitscene Accessories roll in, I think "I'll have to knit this hat!" or "this cowl is going to into my accessories bin as soon as I can knit it." One such project in this year's issue is Andrea Babb's Bow and Arrow Hat—an easy knitting pattern for a hat with a ribbed brim and fletch-like detail. Knit in a beautiful tweed yarn with a soft hand, I knew upon opening the package from Andrea that I would have to knit this hat for myself.

Andrea Babb's Bow and Arrow Hat from Knitscene Accessories 2013.

So I did. Not only are the knitting instructions simple to follow, but this is an incredibly quick pattern to knit. From start to finish, I knit this hat in about three days. As written, the hat is a little small for my head, but some simple gauge math and adjustment to the crown decreases makes it a perfect fit—for an easier modification, you could experiment with a slightly heavier yarn and larger needles. I added an extra inch to the ribbed band, which is sewn on in finishing, and I couldn't be happier with my finished knitted hat.

There are still so many projects that I want to knit from this issue of Knitscene Accessories. Amy Keefer's So Faux Cowl, Allyson Dykhuizen's Riga Bonnet, Alexandra Beck's Valois Shawl from the cover, and a great deal more of the 35 knitting patterns included in this issue are all in my queue, awaiting the perfect match of yarn to project (and the time to knit them). 

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