A virtual spinning bee

Invite Judith, Deb, and Maggie over for spinning night

I grew up in one of those households where the TV was not turned on until after dinner, and it was turned off before bedtime. It was for watching, intently. But I have many friends and relatives who keep their TV on all the time. It is for company. I went through a period when I wanted that kind of comforting, anonymous company myself, when I was a stay-at-home mom with two under two. My friend was the Mary Kay Show on the radio. Chit-chat, recipes, call-ins from other housewives. Great background while I folded diapers and dusted (both of which I gave up years ago).

Since we've been creating spinning videos, I've been fascinated to hear from so many spinners that they like to play videos of Judith MacKenzie, Maggie Casey, Deb Menz, and others in order to feel the camaraderie of a virtual spinning bee. These videos are simply loaded with great instruction from some of the greatest teachers of our time, but they're also oozing encouragement and companionship. Spinners tell me they turn them on while they spin of an evening, even if they've watched them several times already. There's Judith, with her lovely, lilting Canadian-Scottish accent, interspersing delightful stories with her spinning lore. Here's Deb, with her irrepressible enthusiasm, lifting your spirits and egging you on to think about color in new ways. And then there's Maggie—soothing, encouraging, calming Maggie, with her "Yes you can" refrain.

Each of these excellent spinners has produced many hours of video with us, available in bundles on DVD or as downloads. You can watch them intently and get what amounts to an extended one-on-one workshop, or you can just play them in the background for company. You won't get bored.

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