A virtual craft group

And an excuse to get out of the house

The view from my wheel at a recent craft night. I am spinning roving I dyed at Yarn School, and holding my drink is a thrift-store find marketed as an anti-spill clip-on cup holder for your desk. 

As a 65% introvert, I really appreciate the social nature of spinning (and fiber crafts in general). One of my favorite aspects is the craft group. Craft groups are a great excuse to get me out of the house and chatting about spinning, knitting, weaving, and whatever else might come up, often with people I've never met before. This is not to say I don't appreciate my boyfriend's attempts to follow me as I explain how the yarn I am spinning this week is different than what I spun last week, it is just really great to feel the camaraderie of likeminded crafty folk. I know when I bring up pretty much anything at craft group they will understand me. Even though I'm not someone who goes to a craft night weekly (or even monthly), I am really glad to know they are there when I need them. Also, because most of the groups in my area focus on knitting, it is a great chance to expose new people to spinning. I also get to spin in public.

Another great part of craft groups is the chance to see what others are working on. I can't tell you how many great projects (fiber, yarns, and tools) I have found by seeing them in the hands of others. It is also a blessing that most any project can be tracked down online, and often, patterns can be purchased individually. I appreciate not having to find an out-of-print back issue for two pages of instruction.

Below, we have created a virtual craft group of quick projects, perfect for handspun. Just like meeting with crafty friends, these handpicked patterns offer projects sure to pique interest. We hope something below sparks your imagination and leads to a project you can make with your own group of likeminded crafters.

Spin on,

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