A sneak peek at the new season of Knitting Daily TV

We've invited Annie Hartman Bakken, associate producer of Knitting Daily TV, to share about the newest season of the Public Television show.

A sneak peek at the new season of Knitting Daily TV

Join host Eunny Jang and experts Kristin Omdahl and Clara Parkes for the 10th season of Knitting Daily TV.

Knitting Daily TV celebrates its tenth series on Public Television, and I couldn't be prouder. With each new series we've improved by listening to what our viewers want to see and making this program specifically for people who love to work with fiber. Each episode has more yarn knowledge, knitting and crochet techniques, and great guest stars than before. I hope you'll tune in to Series 1000 and enjoy watching it as much as I've had fun working on it.

Here's a sneak peek at some great segments geared towards spinners and fiber enthusiasts from the new season:

Yarn Spotlights: Each show has host Eunny Jang and yarn expert Clara Parkes meet up to talk about new yarns and fibers on the market. Although we showcase millspun yarns on this segment, the fiber characteristics and best uses described by Clara are great for spinners. You'll learn the difference between long wools and fine wools, handpainted verses kettle-dyed yarns, the difference between mercerized and non-mercerized cottons, worsted vs. woolen, and more. Learn what makes a yarn lofty and how that is different than softly spun. Find out what you can make out of chunky and bulky yarns that won't make you look chunky. My favorite yarn spotlight of the season talks about possum yarns from New Zealand. I won't spoil the surprise, but I'm definitely intrigued by this emerging line of fiber!

Robyn Chachula demonstrates how to stiffen finely crocheted motifs for jewelry on episode 1004.

Quick Tips: Each episode of Knitting Daily TV also has a quick tip from Eunny Jang that offers all fiber artists a leg-up on their craft. You'll learn how to bind-off a knitting project with two unique techniques and how to make your bind-off stretchy for lace projects. You'll take a look at what gauge you should us for more drape, how to knit with more than one strand of yarn, and even some fun finishing techniques for fringe and embroidery. My personal favorite tip of this season was a tutorial about blocking a project that has more than one stitch pattern.

This season also has great how-to techniques on each episode from slip-stitches to Tunisian crochet, working with tencel yarns, colorwork, twined knitting, and much more. If you crochet with your fine yarns, you won't want to miss Robyn Chachula's lesson on stiffening crocheted motifs to make one-of-a-kind jewelry. And if you're a knitter, join Kristin Omdahl on this season's knitalongs for a lacey vest worked from the top down with easy shaping and a beautiful lace shawl that looks a lot more complicated than it really is! I'm casting on for this shawl now, hoping to finish it before the next season starts taping!

Catch this season of Knitting Daily TV on Public Television beginning this January, or purchase series 1000 on DVD. If you're not sure you'll love the show, try it out with an episode download to see what tips and techniques this show can offer you. All thirteen shows are available for download at the Spinning Daily Shop.


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