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My home studio with fiber buffet on the left. 

I've mentioned before that I live in a small house. There are two of us and a dog, albeit a small dog, in 640 square feet. Being an editor, and a spinner, and a weaver, and a knitter, there is a constant battle for space.

Loving the written word and fiber takes a lot of room.

As I'm sure many of you can relate, my stash of fiber, yarn, and equipment quickly outgrows every system I develop to control it. Bins in our extra bedroom quickly took up floor space and now an oversized (and overstuffed) buffet has drawers and cupboard filled with fluff, yarn, and tools.

Then there are the books and magazines; I have a bookshelf filled to the brim with my absolute favorites. These have been pared down, again and again, and are still overflowing into stacks around the house.

One way I have been making more space for magazines is by switching to digital copies. Eleven years of Spin-Off on CD take up just about 6½" vs 16" in print. And if I turn them on their side, I can fit twice as many in the same amount of space. That is valuable real estate!

I like collection CDs because I really like having all the issues from one year in one place. When I'm trying to track something down, I usually know what year it is from if not the specific issue. And with the PDF versions on the collection CDs, I can easily do an electronic search. I also like that with the keyword search I can easily find everything related to a specific topic or certain types of project. When I'm looking for a hat to make with handspun or a project for a certain fiber, I can find every mention in a whole year of issues quickly and easily.

While there are trade-offs—I do miss the tactile experience of flipping through each issue—the benefits definitely win out.

Spin on,

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