A New Spin on Knitting Daily TV, Yarn Spotlight

A New Spin on Knitting Daily TV, Yarn Spotlight

Clara Parkes joins host Eunny Jang as a yarn expert for the newest season of Knitting Daily TV.

We've invited Annie Hartman Bakken, associate producer of Knitting Daily TV, to share about the newest yarny addition to the Public Television show all about fiber.

Annie Hartman Bakken: The newest season of Knitting Daily TV has something that will make yarn lovers and spinners take notice. Clara Parkes joins host Eunny Jang as a yarn expert for Yarn Spotlight, a segment aimed at dissecting yarn and fiber, their characteristics, and their best uses. Garbed in lab coats, Clara and Eunny play mad scientist in spotlights full of information about yarn twists, plying, and much, much more. 

In episode 903, Clara and Eunny are in the knitting lab talking about locally millspun fibers. Featured in the episode is yarn spun from North American natural bison down and nylon. It is hard to believe this tough animal makes such deliciously soft fiber that can be used for a variety of projects, including lace.

The information Clara offers in Knitting Daily TV's Yarn Spotlight is especially useful to the spinner who wants to learn more about their medium.

Watch Eunny and Clara discuss locally millspun yarns.

Perhaps you'd like to experiment with combining fibers, making multi-plied yarns, or even treating your fiber to be washable. Hear what Clara has to say about camelids, wools, and even silk. Learn how your yarn can best be used for not only knitting projects, but crochet and weaving as well. Will your project pill? Does this yarn have good stitch definition? Can you spin a yarn that has a delicate halo? Clara's expertise is top-notch, and you're guaranteed to come away from each episode with newfound knowledge about the craft you love.

Knitting Daily TV Series 900 is available on DVD, or you can download individual episodes instantly to your computer. Go into the knitting lab with Clara and Eunny this season, and be sure to let us know what you think!


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