A message from Vivian Hoxbro

Dear SOAR students!
Thank you very much for making my and your SOAR a wonderful week. I worked and was so tired every night when I went to sleep, but I left with a smile and loved every minute with you all. You wore my out in the best of all ways!
The workshop
Particularly the colorclass was absolutely fantastic. I did not know at all what to do with 3 days – but I figured when I can spend a life working with colors – you could do 3 days – and so you did and you all worked really hard and I loved what you did. All our sessions where you showed what you have made were absolutely stunning.
Coming home the samples might seem pathetic and look like absolutely nothing – but do remember all the eventful moments you have had and we all had when we talked about them. It was great.
The retreats
I love to show you all the funny technique of knitting lazy dominoknitting and giving me a chance of meeting so many students in only 2 days. I was at Stitches East last weekend and my Abstarct Stole from my book "Knit To Be Square" got so much attention – every time I passed somebody – they said: Oh, what a great shawl! So if you do not want to get attention – do not make a lazy domino project!!! If on the contrary you like to attract other people with your knitting – there you go! On www.viv.dk you can find "The Abstract Stole" and "The Net Scarf" as kits.
Thank you very much – I loved every minute of the SOAR.
My best
Vivian Høxbro


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