The 5 Ways to Spin Interweave Yarn Fest

There are more ways to enjoy Interweave Yarn Fest than you can shake a niddy-noddy at. Besides teachers we’ve loved in past years, two new superstars are joining us in 2018. From across the Atlantic, we’re delighted to welcome Shetland Handspun’s Elizabeth Johnston. And Deborah Robson, who is new to Yarn Fest, is a bestselling author and treasured friend to spinning at Interweave.

But how do you want to spend Yarn Fest 2018? Here are 5 different approaches…

1. For the wool lover

You are in for a treat: you can learn about Coopworth, Corriedale, and the less-known Polypay in Blended Breeds with Kate Larson on Thursday, then spin fibers from across the wool spectrum in Types of Wool with Deborah Robson on Saturday. On Friday, take a break to buy samples of several breeds from Aniroonz in the Marketplace.

Interweave Yarn Fest

Cabled yarns are a versatile bunch! Photo by Kate Larson

2. For the techniques junkie

If you’re most interested in learning new ways you can spin yarn, get ready to keep your hands busy! Practice your woolen spinning in Maggie Casey’s Spinning English Long Draw and American Long Draw, then twist some more in Cabled Yarns with Kate Larson. Get even more how-to in Fiber Preparation for Spinning with Maggie.

3. For the project spinner

Do you want to spin yarn to make something special? Kate Larson’s handspun handwoven bands will take your breath away, and you can learn about them in Spinning for Bandweaving. Elizabeth Johnston will spend a full day teaching Spinning for Lace, drawing on her experiences as a Shetland knitter.

Interweave yarn fest

Use your handspun in a new way in Rebecca Mezoff’s class Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms. Photo by Rebecca Mezoff

4. For the textile generalist

One of the great joys of Interweave Yarn Fest is sampling all kinds of yarn-related classes. After Introduction to Machine Knitting, you can take Nancy Shroyer’s Socks to Dye For: Blanks! and put your new skills to work. Or Crochet Your First Top-Down Sweater with Robyn Chachula and learn to make Dorset Buttons to match. Learn about a wonderful way to use odds and ends of handspun yarn in Weaving Tapestry on Little Looms with Rebecca Mezoff.

5. For the social spinner

Although I’m daydreaming about classes, some spinners come to Interweave Yarn Fest every year just to hang out. They take a few classes, shop a little, and spend the rest of the time enjoying the company of fellow fiber artists. They pull up chairs in the perennial favorite Happy Hour, egg on their friends in the rollicking Fashion Show, and sit down to enjoy the inspiring Keynote. (They also linger in the stunning Marketplace and often have the best finds.)

How would you like to experience Interweave Yarn Fest?

—Anne Merrow

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