5 Free Knitting Patterns: Knitting Scarf Patterns from Spin-Off

  •  The Morning Surf Scarf by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer is one of our most popular scarf patterns. The undulating stitch pattern is easy to memorize, and a handy table details needle sizes and suggested number of cast-on stitches for a wide range of yarn sizes.
  • Carol Rhoades’ Plush Pygora Scarf uses a stitch pattern that’s perfect for the beginning lace knitter. The pattern is simple yet beautiful, and it gives the scarf a pretty scalloped edge.
  • Charlene Anderson’s guidelines for spontaneous knitting are perfect for stash busting. Her scarf is knit longways, with a different yarn on every–row the perfect way to use up large amounts of remnant yarn!
  • Adriana Schoenberg’s Undulating Scarf creates a warm, dense cloth that enhances the organic nature of handspun yarn.
  • Once you try the Helix Scarf by Stephenie  Gaustad, you won’t be able to stop with just one. She uses clever short rows create elegant ruffles.

Enjoy this free knitting pattern and may your neck ever be swathed with soft handspun treasures!

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