4 Gifts Your Handspinning Friends Will Love

Each year, as I scramble to finish my handspinning holiday shopping, I think about how I should really plan ahead next year. But this year, I’m finally on the right track, and I’m here to help you do the same! Check out these gift ideas for your favorite fiber fellows:

1. A book

Eriskay Gansey

Susan’s Eriskay Gansey from Knitting Ganseys, Revised and Updated by Beth Brown-Reinsel (Interweave, 2018). Photo by David Baum

Knitting Ganseys, Revised and Updated: Techniques and Patterns for Traditional Sweaters by Beth Brown-Reinsel is a classic, and now it’s back with even more information about gansey traditions and new patterns. While I have the original version of this book, the new edition is at the top of my New Year must-have books list. Oh, the joy of handspinning for our handknits!

2. A tool


Tahkli and puni—you’re ready to spin! Photo by Kate Larson

The Tahkli and puni kit from Cotton Clouds is a perfect gift for spinners who have some experience with cotton or are interested in getting started with it. You can purchase the kit with or without an instructional video from Joan Ruane. I have a Cotton Clouds tahkli that I love to pieces.

3. A class

Classes can make a great gift! Whether it’s ongoing workshops at a local yarn and fiber shop, an annual conference such as Interweave Yarn Fest, or the week of a lifetime at John C. Campbell Folk School, classes are the gift of knowledge for both new and seasoned spinners alike.


Read about Kate’s happy week at the Folk School. Photo by Kate Larson

4. A subscription

When I was a kid, my grandmother always gave me a subscription to a magazine for Christmas. As the seasons changed through the year, I would be reminded of her with each issue that arrived in the mailbox. There are great magazines for our spinner friends such as Spinning Wheel Sleuth and Spin Off, or you can give the gift of a new technique with PieceWork or Interweave Crochet!


Featured Image: Blue-Faced Leicester top dyed by Two Cat Studios. Photo by Kate Larson

Get ready for the new year!


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