2017/2018 Natural Fiber Directory: Find Natural Fibers for Spinning

When the online shopping revolution got rolling 20 years ago, people like me feared that local artisans would be swallowed up by online retail giants. We may never go back to the pre-Amazon days, but internet shopping has made buying from local businesses more sepcial—especially when it comes to finding natural fibers for spinning.

Thanks to sponsor Halcyon Yarn, you can now download the annual Spin Off Natural Fiber Directory and find farms, stores, festivals, and plenty of opportunities to enrich your spinning experience. For Halcyon, which Halcyon Blake founded in 1971, a web store was a natural extension of their “yarn store in a box” mail order concept. But ordering at all hours doesn’t match the experience of walking into their Bath, Maine store, where you can wander through ceiling-high shelves of yarns, fiber, and tools (even before you take the elevator to their classroom space). When I visited the store in 2016, owner Gretchen Jaeger handed me a sample of a natural fiber I’d never even heard of before: giant Himalayan nettle. (If you can’t find it in Halcyon’s online store, call and inquire—a real live fiber person will hook you up with just the right thing. Like many stores that specialize in natural fibers for spinning, they sometimes come across special treasures in limited quantities.)

Today I read that only 4% of the available information on the web is indexed by Google (Paul McFedries, “The Language of the Dark Web”). Much of the other 96% may be hiding on purpose, but it made me wonder: When I assume that a search engine will reveal every source of natural fiber for spinning, what am I missing? Even in the age of search mania, a natural fiber directory will point you toward spinning options you didn’t know existed.

The world is full of delightful natural fibers for spinning. Buy wool directly from a farmer, shop from a store’s carefully chosen collection of natural fibers, or put a new yarn store pin on your summer road trip map. Use every way you can think of to sink your nose and your hands into the wonderful array of spinning possibilities.

—Anne Merrow

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Photo by Joe Coca.

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Natural Fiber Directory 2018

Special thanks to our sponsor, Halcyon Yarn!

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