2 Reasons You Need to Spin June Cashmere Cloud

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year—and it’s just getting started! Take a break from all of the hustle and bustle to recharge your batteries. Indulge yourself with cashmere! Need an excuse? Here are my top 2 reasons to spin June Cashmere Cloud during the holidays (or anytime of year).

June Cashmere

Elizabeth spun the cloud long draw with a suspended spindle. Photo by Ann Swanson.

1. Soft as a Cloud

Most of us have spun top and roving, but have you tried spinning cloud? In The Practical Spinner’s Guide: Rare Luxury Fibers, Judith MacKenzie explains, “Fiber that has gone through a commercial dehairing process is called cloud, which is composed of lovely open sheets of fiber. If the dehairing was successful, a cloud is ready to spin. It’s usually free of any debris or vegetable matter.” When Spin Off editor Anne Merrow asked if I’d take June Cashmere for a spin, I grabbed a spindle and spun it straight from the cloud. The fiber produced a woolen spun yarn as soft as (well, what else?) a cloud. Divine!

This handsome Jaidari goat produces June Cashmere fiber.

Handsome Jaidari goats produces June Cashmere’s fiber. Photo by Ilya Tarasov.

2. Support Small-Scale Fiber Mills

In the Spin Off Fall 2017 issue, contributor Amy P. Swanson introduced us to June Cashmere’s campaign to help revitalize the Kyrgyz cashmere industry. June Cashmere, a cashmere yarn company based in the United States, sources its cashmere from Kyrgyzstan. (June is the Kyrgyz word for animal fiber.) Company owner Sy Belohlavek helped change the practices of harvesting cashmere fiber from the Jaidari goats through education and an emphasis on quality over quantity. After learning about the story, Spin Off reached out to June Cashmere and asked them to pull some cashmere fiber, before it was spun and dyed, from their mill. We knew that handspinners would be eager to try this exceptional fiber. We were, too!

Pamper yourself with June Cashmere Cloud to Spin, or give the gift of cashmere to a special friend, and savor every draft while spinning this luxurious fiber. Need more gift ideas for the handspinners on your holiday list? Check out our handy gift guide!


Featured Image: Take June Cashmere for a spin. Photo by George Boe.

Learn more about spinning luxury fibers with Judith MacKenzie!


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