2 ply Sport weight Enchanted Knoll Farm Pumpkin Juice, spun from roving (14 WPI)

This is part of the Enchanted Knoll Farm's Pumpkin Juice roving I'm spinning on my Victoria, my Lendrum, and assorted spindles for a sweater. It's in the 14 WPI range, sportweight, 2-ply, and part of the challenge is keeping in that range on the variety of spindles and wheels I've been spinning it on over the past months. I simply spin in on whatever's free at the moment and, spindle-wise, is the correct weight range to give me the yarn I'm wanting. It's a superwash merino roving, bought in one large lot, and I still have a large amount of it to finish spinning if I ever want to have my raglan sweater I'm planning.

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