On the Fall Menu: Slip-Stitch Knitting

Last summer at this time, I was living it up in Chico, California, visiting my wonderful cousins and lounging in their pool. When I wasn’t in the pool, I was working at the dining room table, collaborating with Joni Coniglio on the Sweet Honeycomb Cowl knitalong posts.

I can’t believe that was a year ago! I’ve been thinking a lot about that project, because it just got completed, and not by me. When I was halfway through my project, I was working on it at my knitting group and my friend Michelle really fell in love with it. I wasn’t totally happy with my color choices, to be honest, so I packed the whole thing up and gave it to her. She finished it and just grafted the ends together this week.

Michelle’s finished Sweet Honeycomb Cowl. It’ll grow a little in blocking; she did the short version.

In a testament to Joni’s expert grafting instruction, Michelle said “That’s the first time I’ve grafted anything, and it was way easier than I thought!”

Sweet Honeycomb before grafting.

The Sweet Honeycomb Cowl is still available as a free pattern; both the long and short version and the long version as well as the supporting tutorial posts are available in one place.

There are so many color options for this pattern! Here are a few of the combos using the yarn the pattern was written for, Sugar Bush Yarns Bliss. Here are just a few possibilities:

As you can see, this cowl looks great with any combination of colors. Michelle’s and my colors are depicted in at the far left, and Joni’s are in the middle. Here’s how her choices turned out in real life (gorgeous, right?)

In planning my fall knitting, I decided on a couple of new projects for myself and some for gifts, but as I was revisiting the Honeycomb Cowl posts, I realized that I didn’t have a slip stitch-knitting pattern on my list.

They really pack a wallop color-wise, and they’re so easy to accomplish. So, I decided I would knit up Andrea Mowry’s The Shift, a cowl I’ve had in my Ravelry queue forever. I also bought yarn for it, probably two years ago. Time to move this baby up in the list.

I hope you’ll try a the Sweet Honeycomb Cowl or another slip-stitch knitting pattern soon. They’re so much fun!



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