Your Own PieceWork Storehouse


Safe Return Mittens from PieceWork, September/October 1997 issue.

Although a German magazine published between 1663 and 1668 is credited with being the world’s first magazine, the word “magazine” is French for “storehouse.” PieceWork certainly fits that definition.

With our Ultimate Collection, available on CDs or as a digital download, you can delve into the first 8 years–45 issues–of PieceWork’s storehouse!

Beautiful Irish crochet pincushions, as seen in PieceWork Magazine!

Pincushion in Irish crochet from PieceWork, March/April 1993.

During these 8 years, needlework traditions and needleworkers across the globe have been explored. We’ve covered the prosaic–mending samplers–and the esoteric–The Pearly Kings and Queens of London. The stories have been poignant–The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire; inspiring–Safe Return Mittens; and entertaining–Rattlesnake Kate. In addition to needlepoint, knitting, embroidery, crochet, and quilting, we’ve examined other techniques including sashiko, nålbinding, looping, and horsehair hitching.

Romanian beaded motifs, as seen in PieceWork Magazine

Romanian beading from PieceWork, March/April 1998.

Immerse yourself in PieceWork’s unusual blend of the elements behind a handwork tradition–who did it, how it was done, and why. Searchable, interactive tables of contents in our Ultimate Collection make it easy. And there are so many projects for you to try!