Your Knits in Review

Editors' Note: We invited Karin Strom, Editorial Director of Interweave's Yarn Group, to tell us what's been happening in her world these days.

I recently took a walk down memory lane—Interweave Knits memory lane, to be precise. I was asked to send a complete set of Interweave Knits magazines to a colleague. That involved first discovering where a secret stash of back issues resides (in the caverns of the Interweave offices, which are located in an old bank building in Loveland, Colorado).

The Premier issue of Interweave Knits, Fall 1996.

Before I sent them off, naturally I found it necessary to leaf through each magazine. It was an Interweave Knits, and knitting, history lesson. 

Melani Falick edited her first issue of Interweave Knits for Fall 2000.

I learned that the first issue of Interweave Knits, which came out in Fall 1996, was produced as a challenge. Interweave had been publishing spinning and weaving magazines and books since the 1970s. Interweave founder and publisher, Linda Ligon, tasked the editorial staff with producing a special issue, and they decided to do a knitting magazine. The timing was good, right on the cusp of the knitting resurgence of the turn of the last century.

The editors, Marilyn Murphy and Judith Durant, drew on both the Interweave tradition of providing in-depth information for passionate crafters and their experience in the yarn world. That first issue included an article by Meg Swansen and designs by Nicky Epstein, Judith Swartz, and Helene Rush. The pages featured advertisements from many companies that still advertise on our pages—Brown Sheep Company, Classic Elite Yarns, and Skacel, to name a few.

Each subsequent edition I looked through was packed with patterns, technical articles, knitting history, and news of the yarn world. I was reminded of the excitement I felt when Melanie Falick became the editor in Fall 2000, and how she imbued her unique style and point of view into the issues she edited.

Fall 2003, Pam Allen's first issue as editor of Interweave Knits. 

And in Fall 2003, when Pam Allen took the reins, things shifted once again to reflect her talent. It was fun to look at new designers and companies that came on the scene over the years, new knitting books that were published, and trends in yarn and fashion.  It was on the pages of Interweave Knits magazines that I first saw the names Clara Parkes and the Yarn Harlot (someone with the name Stephanie Pearl had to be destined to become a knitting legend).

Eunny Jang's first issue as editor of Interweave Knits, Fall 2007.

In Fall 2007, Eunny Jang became the editor, and since then the magazine has continued to evolve and mature, along with the knitting and yarn world—and, yes, the world at large. Today we rely on our computer screens for much of our information, but whether you prefer to consume your publications onscreen or the old fashioned way, Interweave Knits continues to provide inspiration for the knitting life.

The common thread throughout the history of Interweave Knits, is the caliber of the technical information in each issue and the passion and energy for the craft of knitting.

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